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not-so-good-vibrations-what-is-soundOur job at AcoustiGuard is to provide acoustic insulation materials to Toronto, Canada home and business owners. Our DIY noise barrier systems address a multitude of noise concerns, for both general and commercial use. While we process sound every waking minute of the day, most of us fail to give the science behind sound much of a second thought.

What Is Sound?

Sound is actually airborne vibration. Our ears receive vibration, and our brain translates that vibration into something we can identify or communicate. Everyone has a unique response to how sound effects their mood or level of productivity. While some can simply “block out sound” others are sound sensitive. Something as simple as a ticking wall clock may go unnoticed by some, but is obtrusive to others. Generally speaking, some sound vibrations are more irritating than others—while some are more calming and soothing. There are also times when we simply aren’t in the mood for certain sounds.

Think Of Day-to-Day Sound As You Would Music

We all have our own taste in music. Some music calms us, while other motivates or energizes us. For example, you may not mind listening to sounds of nature while you sleep, but you may not be able to sleep with a pop station playing in the background—even if it is something you like to listen to while you are awake. The same concept can be applied to all types of sounds.

Managing Day-to-Day Sound With Sound Barrier Materials

With the understanding that we all respond to sound in a unique manner, you must search for ways to make your home or business “sound-comfortable” for as many people as possible. There are multiple sound barrier materials to choose from, you just have to determine which solutions address your needs.

Yes, You Can Soundproof Rental Properties!

While some soundproof systems are designed to be part of your initial construction, there are multiple solutions for rental properties too. Browse through our soundproofing systems now to determine your best options.

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