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Genie Clips™ Sound Isolation Clips

describe the imageGenie Clips are resilient sound isolation clips used to soundproof walls and ceilings.  

The GenieClip™ are a  molded rubber and galvanized steel part used to attach drywall to either wall or floor-ceiling assemblies. Made from recycled components, the GenieClip™ is important in LEED certified building. Double wall stud construction is no longer required. Single stud construction using the GenieClip™ provides similar performance and increases available floor space and significantly reduces required building materials:Eliminates need for double stud wall addresses environmental/LEED concerns.

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GENIECLIPS are ar reliable solution for
Impact And Airborne Sound.


  • Significantly improve low frequency sound control performance.
  • Substantially improves impact noise and helps stop sound through walls and floor-ceiling construction. 
  • Substantially reduce costs and associated problems in wood truss floor/ceiling construction and still meet code for fire and sound control—great for apartment construction 
  • Fast and easy to install. 
  • No short-circuiting as is often the case with resilient channel .

Eliminates the need for Double Stud